Gear Highlites

The importance of quality outboard gear can not be stressed enough. Quality outboard gear is the signature of a professional studio. Recording into a computer is a process of taking an analog signal and turning it into digital data. Even if you are recording into a Protools HD system, your recording is only going to be as good as the outboard signal chain. If you are recording into a $50 mic, you are going to have a $50 sound. We understand this. To ensure the best signal, we use gold plated Mogami mic cables with Neutrik connections. Our mics are industry standards from Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, Blue and more. We use the legendary Avalon 737sp for our preamp (we have 2) and to smooth things out and take the digital edge off, we use our Universal Audio 2-1176 compressor. On the page below we have highlited some of our favorite studio gear.

We have quite a bit of quality outboard gear. Here are some of our favorites

The Avalon 737sp
Used by producers the world over. Dr. Dre swears by them. Phil Collins won’t record in a studio without it. Visit Solid and find out why!
The Neumann u-87
The one and only. Others have tried, but even after 40 years, this is still the industry standard.
Prophet 08
Analog synths are hard to find these days. That’s why we love our Propet 08. We pair it with an Eventide Space effect unit. Pure analog bliss.
Access Virus TI2
The Access Virus TI2 is the most versitile synth made. It can run standalone, or as a VST plugin. We have used it on everything from hip hop to pop. It never fails to amaze.
Drums. Many producers consider them the backbone of an arrangement. We LOVE pairing the sounds of Native Instrument’s Maschine with the old school feel of Arturia’s Spark. Load ‘em both into Studio Huge beats.

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